About Biwintech

Since 2010
BIWIN focuses on storage
more than 10 years
Committed to becoming the industry's first-class storage
Solution provider
Biwintech produces memory and storage products for the new era of "always-on" computing, where creativity and passion can take you anywhere and everywhere.
We exist to help content creation, to help the consumers, influencers and businesses who care most about creating content, saving memories and storing data, voice and video.
Our Biwintech brand appeals to young-at-heart throughout all generations who see themselves as individuals chasing their passions, capturing today’s moments and turning them
into tomorrow’s memories.
Biwintech is a consumer storage brand from BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd., a veteran manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience.

Five Advantages
Robust upstream resources Integration
Robust upstream resources Integration
With Samsung, Intel, Toshiba and other Flash manufacturers and main control manufacturers
Established a long-term stable cooperative relationship,
Actively respond to market demand and provide customers with more competitive advantages,
High-quality software and hardware solutions.
Industry-leading storage algorithms And firmware development capabilities
Industry-leading storage algorithms And firmware development capabilities
Set up two R & D centers focusing on embedded memory chips
R & D and development of main control algorithms, firmware and software,
Has nearly 100 independent research and development patents,
Core product technologies such as palm qNAND and eSSD.
Outstanding hardware design ability
Outstanding hardware design ability
Strong process development capability, responding to customers with accumulated waste
Customized requirements for product appearance and size,
While ensuring the product has excellent and stable performance,
Enhance aesthetics and ease of use.
Comprehensive testing ability
Comprehensive testing ability
Test-driven R & D, quality management delivery, and industry-leading test equipment
Industry-leading test teams continue to develop test algorithms and automation tools
Use case coverage and automation ranks first in the industry
Advanced with SiP as the core Packaging manufacturing capabilities
Advanced with SiP as the core Packaging manufacturing capabilities
More than 10 years  in the field of packaging and foundry
Accumulated rich technical experience and packaging technology
SIP packaging process is unique in miniaturizing packaging of electronic products
Increase competitive chips in the market competition for customers
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