Warranty Policy

BIWIN will provide repair or replacement Any product due to human error or material defects
After-sales service
Warranty coverage
BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as BIWIN) guarantees that all BIWIN products are fully tested.
And avoid the lack of raw materials or production sections during the production process.
Subject to the conditions and restrictions listed below, BIWIN will provide repair or replacement of any product due to human error or material defects.
Warranty service Applicable object and warranty period
DurationProduct categories
Five-year warrantyWhere SLC products
Three-year warrantyWhere industrial control and peripheral products
One year warrantyWhere related accessories (including power cords)
Lifetime warrantyWhere DRAM products

The waiver of fees is limited to defects or abnormalities caused by non-human factors.
Product warranty certification
This warranty does not apply to second-hand resale or other products purchased through BIWIN authorized distribution channels

Warranty period: For products within the warranty period, BIWIN is responsible for assisting with free repair, update or replacement.
Expired warranty period: When the product expires the warranty period, the customer must pay the testing fee and repair service fee. After this repair, the product will be extended for another half year.
Identification during product warranty
The warranty period is calculated from the original purchase date of the product. When a product warranty is requested,
Proof of original purchase of the product (such as unified invoice, shipping order, etc.) is required. If the relevant purchase certificate cannot be submitted, the warranty period is mainly based on the production date.
Basic principles of repair and replacement
BIWIN products will be evaluated by BIWIN for repair or replacement during the warranty period. When it is determined that the product is replaced, BIWIN will replace the original type product or a product of similar specifications to the customer. If the product is discontinued and repair or replacement services cannot be provided, BIWIN is able to refund less than the purchase price or the current equivalent of the product.
The product is not a free warranty range
Product warranty service repair Program description
If there is a product that needs to be sent for repair, please fill in your delivery address and contact information, and properly package it with the product and return it to us.
The customer's own shipping fee and insurance are required and mailed to the corresponding customer service center of BIWIN.
BIWIN BIMA RMA department will confirm the internal and external damage of the product within three working days after receiving the returned product.
Information regarding returned products will be provided to the customer and it is up to the customer to decide whether or not to perform repairs.
New product failure replacement policy
If the product produced by BIWIN is found to have a new product failure within 45 days of purchase, it will meet the new product failure replacement criteria.
The customer should inform the abnormal situation so that BIWIN can make abnormal judgment and confirmation. When BIWIN receives defective products, it will provide new products as soon as possible to avoid client inconvenience. However, this measure does not include product damage caused by the client's own modification, repair, misuse or other abnormal use.
When the new replacement product over the period BIWIN Bai-dimensional, this product is only serviceable back to back, can not be replaced.
Product Change Notification Description (PCN)
BIWIN should notify the customer three months before the product's hardware or software design changes or the product is expected to be discontinued due to the replacement of main parts, functional enhancement and other factors. Customers can continue to place orders before the termination date of receiving the product termination notice, and after this termination date, the company will not accept the order.
New product failure replacement policy
In addition to the above warranty terms, BIWIN does not provide other warranty services, and does not have any other express or implied or incidental warranty obligations,
BIWIN does not provide any other warranties for the product that include merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any warranty responsibility for BIWIN products is only as described above and
As a complete agreement; this warranty will supersede other verbal or written warranty commitments or representations. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law,
BIWIN hereby declares that any indirect, special, incidental, derivative, incidental damages related to the purchase and use of this product,
Whether or not you have been informed of the possibility of such damage, loss of profits, business investment or goodwill, loss due to loss of information,
No responsibility is assumed; nor is it responsible for the failure of third-party equipment, even if BIWIN is aware of these possibilities.
The repair, replacement or return of the warranty described herein is the commitment of BWIN to fulfill its product warranty responsibility.

BIWIN will update or supplement this warranty from time to time, please refer to the latest announcement on this website.
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July, 2018
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