Video Workstation

Video graphics workstation with its powerful performance to meet the user's large parts, multi-component video, image processing needs.
The video graphics workstation can meet the needs of users with its powerful performance
Multi component video and image processing requirements.
Video graphics workstation is a kind of powerful computer, which is equipped with high-resolution large screen display, large capacity, high-performance memory and external memory, and has strong information processing function and high-performance graphics, image processing and networking function. With its high performance, it can meet the needs of video / picture processing of large parts and multi parts.
Fast reading and writing
Performance and speed
When the video image workstation is assembling large parts and multi parts and rendering complex scenes in the animation, the common system can not meet the requirements at all, and must use Xeon or even multi CPU SMP system. However, the size of large-scale Photoshop renderings and complex cam drawings often reaches hundreds of megabytes or even more than 1G. It is necessary to have a large capacity memory and a very fast hard disk system to process these files. With multiple capacity and large capacity specifications, bmssds can be selected, and the transmission speed is up to 3400mb / s, which can greatly meet the needs of use scenarios and bring high-speed experience to customers.
Carry less, store more
Rigorous testing, stable operation
The video graphics workstation is designed for critical and large computing applications, and requires high stability of each component. It is extremely frustrating that the program is stopped and the drawing data is lost due to the system operation error. Through rigorous performance, reliability and application tests, bmssd can greatly meet the needs of professional graphic workstation in terms of stability and ensure the fast and stable operation of the system.
Wide compatibility
Efficient storage and security
The final step of video graphics work is to output files, images, videos and other data, but whether these finished designs have been submitted to customers or put into use, they must be saved in the form of documents in the computer and its external storage devices. Because of its high-speed read-write characteristics, bmsd can quickly copy data to the SSD, which greatly saves consumer time. And the new 3D NAND flash memory particles are carefully selected by Baiwei micro products, which brings more excellent storage density and reliability to consumers.
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