Data Storage

Easy to carry data files, improve efficiency, make work and life so easy and free.
Easy to carry data files, improve efficiency,
make work and life so easy and free.
In today's era of rapid development of science and technology, we will produce a large number of photos, videos and working files and documents almost every day. Some materials and data are stored in our mobile phones, some in laptops, PCs and even tablet computers. Long time scattered files will lead to low efficiency and may quickly exhaust the storage space of our electronic products. Baiwei provides customers with a series of high-end storage methods, fast and secure solid-state drives and mobile solid-state drives, which make it easy to carry data files, improve efficiency, and make work and life so easy and free.
Fast reading and writing
High speed transmission, double efficiency
The capacity of video, photos and files we are exposed to is often hundreds of megabytes or even 1g, which will take a lot of time in the process of transmission / transfer. With ultra-high speed read-write performance and transmission speed as high as 3400mb / s, Baiwei mobile solid-state drive allows users to use it immediately without waiting.
Carry less, store more
Ultra high compatibility, easy transfer
In our daily life, we are exposed to a variety of electronic products, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc., and all of them will generate data files that need to be retained. Baiwei mobile solid state drive has ultra-high compatibility, which enables you to easily play with a variety of storage devices and easily transfer data files
Wide compatibility
Safety without worry
Data security is our most concerned problem. Over scattered file data placed in multiple devices is not conducive to data security backup. Regular data backup can help us avoid the loss caused by data loss. Bai micro products carefully select new 3D NAND flash memory particles, with quality as the core, to bring consumers more excellent storage experience and security.
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