The video Entertainment storage device
The video Entertainment storage device, with its large capacity and high-speed reading and writing performance,
should also ensure low noise operation, so as to create an ideal leisure environment for enjoying movies and music.
at present, the definition of mainstream movies and videos has reached ultra clear or even blue light level, and some movie sources have even reached 4K resolution level, which means that we need larger capacity and higher performance storage devices to ensure that we can enjoy local ultra high definition movies and video resources smoothly in the whole process.
Fast reading and writing
Large capacity and high speed reading
With the improvement of film and video clarity, the sound quality of music is getting better and better, and our daily experience of video and audio entertainment has been greatly improved. Compared with watching movies and listening to music online, many people will choose to download the movies and music to the local place and then enjoy them, which can not only avoid the delay caused by the instability of network Caton, but also enjoy the saved resources for many times. In order to meet the needs of users to enjoy ultra-high-definition movies and enjoy ultra-high sound quality music, we have provided super large capacity and ultra-high performance storage products to ensure the ultimate audio-visual entertainment experience of users.
Carry less, store more
Strong stability to ensure that resources are not lost or damaged
It is very valuable for users to choose the local audio-visual resources, which will be downloaded to the local after the user
Wide compatibility
Run quietly 0 decibel to ensure a good audio-visual entertainment environment for you
To watch movies and enjoy music, users need a quiet environment to have a better experience. Compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk, Baiwei storage products are made of high-quality flash memory particles, which have the characteristics of small heat output and fast heat dissipation; in addition, there is no mechanical motor and fan inside the solid-state hard disk, and the working noise value is 0 dB, so the operation noise of the mechanical hard disk is no longer buzzing in the ear. Users can relax in a quiet and noiseless environment and enjoy the charm of movies and music.
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