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It's also necessary to carry important documents and data with you to carry out business communication with customers.
The elite in the workplace need fast file reading and writing performance and data security;
It's also necessary to carry important documents and data with you to carry out business communication with customers.
The company's office, improve the computer read-write storage performance can effectively improve the office efficiency, we don't need to spend time waiting for the computer to start slowly and the software to load slowly; when we go out for business communication, we can also carry important data with us to communicate with customers face to face. Professional storage equipment is essential for business office scenes.
Fast reading and writing
Fast reading and writing to improve office efficiency
Once upon a time, we stopped in front of the computer again and again waiting for the startup and software loading. Sometimes, after hard work, the software suddenly crashed, and the previous data and work results all disappeared in an instant. We need only new storage devices to provide better support for our office computers, including memory modules and hard disks, so as to avoid the worry of waiting and data loss. The flagship mobile SSDs of Baiwei can provide a read-write speed of 1000mb / s, greatly reducing the data transfer time.
Carry less, store more
Carry it with you
Compared with U disk, portable SSD) has larger storage space and faster transmission speed, which can store the important data that we need to transfer and carry with us, and it is a necessary office "artifact" for business people; compared with the traditional mobile hard disk, the mobile solid-state disk is smaller and lighter, and has better shockproof and anti falling performance, which can reduce the possibility of data loss to Minimum. With solid-state components and all metal shell, Baiwei mobile solid-state drive can easily cope with daily falling, and data storage is more solid and secure.
Wide compatibility
Widely compatible and easy to transfer
When using a mobile storage device, everyone does not want to connect to a device that will prompt them that the device is incompatible. In order to ensure that SSDs can be widely compatible with mainstream devices, we have carried out a lot of compatibility tests to ensure that the data exchange of business communication is unimpeded, which is suitable for mainstream notebook, desktop, ultrabook, tablet and smartphone. We ensure that our products have undergone extensive and rigorous testing in Baiwei quality laboratory, bringing users unparalleled storage experience.
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